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How Commercial Cleaning Can Help Promote the Mental Health of Employees

Karl Sechrist   October 14, 2019   Comments Off on How Commercial Cleaning Can Help Promote the Mental Health of Employees

Commercial cleaning not only secures the physical health and productivity of employees. It can also help promote and maintain the mental health of everyone.

It is for this reason that many businesses and commercial establishments in Melbourne choose to partner with us when it comes to promoting the overall health and wellness of their employees.

They know that our commercial cleaning services not only take care of the physical aspect of their employees’ health. We also value their mental health.

One of the ways we can help promote optimum mental health in the workplace is by reducing the level of stress of your employees.

We do not claim that we will eliminate stress in the lives of everyone, because that is impossible.

There are many sources of stress. It can be conflicts in relationships, the traffic gridlock in the city, a lousy neighbour, or the scorching heat of the Australian summer.

Stress in the office can also come from different sources. It can be from the workload, the tasks, and the relationships between employees and the management.

Sometimes, an office equipment that is not functioning properly can also be a source of stress.

We cannot address these issues. However, we can make your office look cleaner and more organised.

Nobody wants to work in a dirty and disorganised office. The brain gets confused with all the clutter. This can increase the level of stress.

They become more anxious. Employees can lose their focus on their tasks. They can also get very sensitive, which can further aggravate the tension in the office.

Cleaning and organising your office can help reduce the level of stress that your employees experience. They may already be stressed out.

At the very least, a clean office environment will not worsen their stress levels. As a matter of fact, it can also help relieve them from anxiety.

For instance, a rotten smell in the office pantry can give your employees a headache. It may look like an ordinary headache for you.

However, it can heighten their stress and anxiety levels. You can clean up the nasty odour. Cleaning it with harsh chemicals can also leave a very strong scent.

You will need our professional cleaners to do a good job of removing the bad odour without replacing it with something equally offensive.

When your employees enter the pantry, they will be greeted by a more pleasant smell.

And if you use an essential oil in the deodorising process, you can also make your employees feel calmer and more relaxed. You can reduce their stress levels this way.

The eyes communicate directly with the brain. When it sees clutter in the office, it sends this visual information to the brain.

The brain will try to process and make sense of it. Unfortunately, because of the disorganised nature of the office, the brain does not know which part of the office it needs to ‘process’ first.

This can also heighten the stress that your employees may already be experiencing.

Fatigue can also have an impact on mental health. If your employees are already exhausted, they will not have much energy left to allow optimal cognition.

They may not be able to think clearly. Their problem-solving abilities are also off the mark. They can forget simple things that are important in their line of work.

Our commercial cleaning services can help reduce employee fatigue. They can go straight to their work as soon as they arrive in the office.

They do not need to clean up their workstations or share in cleaning the common areas.

They do not have to worry about organising the other stuff in the office, too. They can focus their energy to their work. This can lead to better mental health.

A clean office environment does not only promote employee productivity. It also guarantees better mental health for everyone.

When it comes to cleaning an office environment, we’re your best partners for the task.