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How Commercial Cleaning Can Help Promote the Mental Health of Employees

Karl Sechrist   October 14, 2019   Comments Off on How Commercial Cleaning Can Help Promote the Mental Health of Employees

Commercial cleaning not only secures the physical health and productivity of employees. It can also help promote and maintain the mental health of everyone.

It is for this reason that many businesses and commercial establishments in Melbourne choose to partner with us when it comes to promoting the overall health and wellness of their employees.

They know that our commercial cleaning services not only take care of the physical aspect of their employees’ health. We also value their mental health.

One of the ways we can help promote optimum mental health in the workplace is by reducing the level of stress of your employees.

We do not claim that we will eliminate stress in the lives of everyone, because that is impossible.

There are many sources of stress. It can be conflicts in relationships, the traffic gridlock in the city, a lousy neighbour, or the scorching heat of the Australian summer.

Stress in the office can also come from different sources. It can be from the workload, the tasks, and the relationships between employees and the management.

Sometimes, an office equipment that is not functioning properly can also be a source of stress.

We cannot address these issues. However, we can make your office look cleaner and more organised.

Nobody wants to work in a dirty and disorganised office. The brain gets confused with all the clutter. This can increase the level of stress.

They become more anxious. Employees can lose their focus on their tasks. They can also get very sensitive, which can further aggravate the tension in the office.

Cleaning and organising your office can help reduce the level of stress that your employees experience. They may already be stressed out.

At the very least, a clean office environment will not worsen their stress levels. As a matter of fact, it can also help relieve them from anxiety.

For instance, a rotten smell in the office pantry can give your employees a headache. It may look like an ordinary headache for you.

However, it can heighten their stress and anxiety levels. You can clean up the nasty odour. Cleaning it with harsh chemicals can also leave a very strong scent.

You will need our professional cleaners to do a good job of removing the bad odour without replacing it with something equally offensive.

When your employees enter the pantry, they will be greeted by a more pleasant smell.

And if you use an essential oil in the deodorising process, you can also make your employees feel calmer and more relaxed. You can reduce their stress levels this way.

The eyes communicate directly with the brain. When it sees clutter in the office, it sends this visual information to the brain.

The brain will try to process and make sense of it. Unfortunately, because of the disorganised nature of the office, the brain does not know which part of the office it needs to ‘process’ first.

This can also heighten the stress that your employees may already be experiencing.

Fatigue can also have an impact on mental health. If your employees are already exhausted, they will not have much energy left to allow optimal cognition.

They may not be able to think clearly. Their problem-solving abilities are also off the mark. They can forget simple things that are important in their line of work.

Our commercial cleaning services can help reduce employee fatigue. They can go straight to their work as soon as they arrive in the office.

They do not need to clean up their workstations or share in cleaning the common areas.

They do not have to worry about organising the other stuff in the office, too. They can focus their energy to their work. This can lead to better mental health.

A clean office environment does not only promote employee productivity. It also guarantees better mental health for everyone.

When it comes to cleaning an office environment, we’re your best partners for the task.

How to Manage Neck Pain at Home

Karl Sechrist   October 13, 2017   Comments Off on How to Manage Neck Pain at Home

You wouldn’t really believe how I got to learn some of the most amazing home remedies for neck pain. They’re very easy to perform and don’t necessarily have any side effects. One time, I had this really painful episode that I finally decided to have a physical therapist take a good look at it. Maybe I have already pinched a nerve or something. A colleague recommended that I should try a well-regarded physiotherapy clinic in Footscray, but that I had to visit their website to make an appointment first as they can be quite filled with patients. What amazed me is that they did not only help me with my neck pain, they also taught me what to do at home to help prevent or even manage any recurrence. And this is what I’ll be sharing with you in the following.

  • Give it a rest

When I say give it a rest, I don’t mean that you’d have to lie down in bed all day or perhaps even propping up some pillows on both sides of your head to keep it perfectly still. You can actually do this even while you’re sitting on your couch. Just roll up a towel and place it under your neck. This helps relieve the pressure on the cervical spine which physiotherapists say is one of the more common causes of neck pain. Now, here’s the trick. As soon as you feel an improvement in your neck pain, gradually increase your mobility. Take note with the word ‘gradual’. Let it slowly heal. 

  • Know when to apply cold and hot compresses

I know most of you are confused which between cold and hot compresses you should apply onto your aching neck. Believe me, I once was baffled myself. The general consensus is that cold applications should be used first within the first 24 to 48 hours to help prevent further tissue injury and reduce inflammation. Once the 48-hour period has passed, you can apply hot or warm compresses to help relax the muscles and alleviate stiffness. What I found out, however, is that if the neck pain’s origin is much deeper than a simple muscle strain neither cold nor heat will ever penetrate the affected tissue deeply enough to relieve inflammation. As such, you can actually use either whichever is more comfortable and convenient for you. A more important note is to observe the 20-40 rule. Apply the compress for 20 minutes and remove it for 40 minutes. Additionally, never apply these compresses directly onto your skin.

  • Learn some stretching exercises

Once you’re feeling much better, you can then perform some very simple exercises that are meant to improve the flexibility of your cervical joints. You can gently turn your head to the side then pull it some more with your hand and hold it in this position for about 20 seconds. Then you can repeat the process on the other side. You can also try tilting your head so that your ear will touch your shoulder. Now apply pressure on the opposing temple and hold this position for about 20 seconds then repeat on the other side. Another stretching exercise involves bending your head downwards so that your chin tries to touch your chest. Just make sure to relax your shoulders while performing this for about 20 seconds. Alternatively, you can lie down, place a pillow under your neck and head and bend your knees. Now try to gently nod your head as if you’re saying ‘yes’. Hold this position for about 10 seconds then return to your starting position. Repeat this for 9 more times.

  • Stay hydrated

How many of us really stick to the recommended daily intake of at least 8 glasses of water? Well, I found out that increasing our fluid intake can actually minimize the occurrence of neck pain. This helps the body become more efficient in the production of body fluids necessary for keeping the spinal discs well-lubricated. As you may already be aware, aging can take its toll on our skeletal and articular health. Drinking plenty of water should help us stay in control of neck pain.

  • Think happy thoughts

I really mean it. Studies show that getting preoccupied with a lot of negative things only heightens the effect of stress hormones on pro-inflammatory substances. What this simply means is that the more stressed out we are the greater is the tendency for us to feel pain as if the intensity is heightened. Breathing exercises, casual walk, or even a gentle massage can all help relax these tensed muscles. Having happy and positive thoughts can definitely help, too.

If you’re like me, spending long hours in the office behind a desktop computer, chances are you may have already experienced pain or discomfort in your neck region. I know how it feels. Thankfully, with these very simple tips you can easily manage neck pain right at home.

My Physiotherapy Intervention for Headaches

Karl Sechrist   December 22, 2016   Comments Off on My Physiotherapy Intervention for Headaches

bad-headacheFor the past few weeks, I’ve been having sporadic headaches during the day. Personally, I can’t pinpoint the reasons as to why I’ve been experiencing them frequently and where they actually occurs. On some days they are isolated on the right side of my head, sometimes they occur on both. But most recently, I felt it stemming from the back of my neck. 

I realize that headaches are more than just the pain in the head. During those times that I experience a sharp or thrubbing pain in my head, my productivity level goes down and my whole body gets affected. I tend to focus on the pounding or the aching of my head, and the condition feels a lot worse. Most of the time, I’d spend at least an hour to lie down, rest my head, and apply whatever ointment I have, trying to relieve the bad headache. What was wrong in my routine of treating my headache was that I never really knew what type of headache I had. Acknowledging my faults, I finally decided to consult an expert, since it was also very inconvenient and agonizing for me. 

The doctor I went to recommended me to try acquiring a physiotherapy service by Wyndham Physio and Rehabilitation. I really do believe that the every advice and procedure my doctor advises me is gospel truth, but when she told me this, I was confused for a moment. Why was she telling me to visit a physiotherapist when I was experiencing pain in the head? Don’t they just massage their patients or just teach them a couple of exercises to do at home? Can a physiotherapist help your headache? To find out, I drove to the nearest Wyndham center near my home three days after my check-up. 

The physiotherapist that greeted me in Wyndham was very accommodating and cheerful. From the moment I stepped into her office, I instantly felt at ease and comfortable around her. The first thing I did was to recall all the times I experienced my headache, where I felt it, and the activities I did for the day. She also asked me the daily tasks that I do, my eating habits, and my exercise schedule, if I had any. Honestly, it really felt like I was talking to a regular doctor and not to a therapist. After listening to my account, she asked my permission if she could my touch my neck, to try to locate where the pain from my recent headache is coming from. After reacting from certain areas that tingle my head, she then gave me a brief background on headaches so that I would know how to stop them from reoccurring. 

As far as I can recall, there are different types of headaches, coming from various reasons, which require specific treatments and measures. There are primary headaches and secondary headaches. Primary headaches are those come from the brain, as a result of stress, overthinking, and overactivity. Since the brain is too pressured and tense, there is a change of chemicals being dispelled, causing headaches like migraine and cluster headaches. On the other hand, secondary headaches are those that come from another condition or sickness, then stimulating pain in the nerves. For example, headaches after having hangovers or result because of brain tumors fall under this type. According to my physiotherapist my case was a secondary headache called a cervicogenic headache. 

She explained that a cervicogenic headache occurs when there is too much strain on my neck ligaments and joints. When this force builds up, the neck muscles cause stress and this can be felt by different parts of the body such as the head, the forehead, the jaw, and the back of the eyes. The possible reasons for my headache could be poor posture, injury, or damage from prolonged bowing or tilting of the head. When I heard these, the most probable culprit of my headache was my improper posture and stance. 

Other things she mentioned about my condition was that this headache is experienced 4 times as much by women than men on a daily basis. The wearing of heels and carrying of heavy handbags on the bag or one side of the shoulders contribute to a poor posture, which gives tensions to about 20 muscles from the three upper vertebra, upwards. Likewise, this headache is side-specific, similar to migraines, and does not switch sides from time to time. 

So now that we’ve both informed each other of the case, how does physiotherapy assessment and treatment help? In distinguishing the frequency, severity, location, and duration of the headaches, physiotherapists are able to identify to root of the problem and then start to solve it from there. My physiotherapist crafted a program for me to follow every day to wake up certain dormant muscles and to improve the range of motion of some joints. At the same time, the exercise develops discipline and consciousness in my actions and in my posture. Since my condition wasn’t severe yet, I didn’t need medications such as ibuprofen, an analgesic, or an anti-inflammatory drug. The whole first session was really interesting and eye-opening since my physiotherapist was not trying to solve the problem itself, rather, the root of the problem. For a few minutes, she massaged a part of back and neck, and then taught me a few exercises to instigate natural mobilization of ligaments and muscles. 

In the end, I realized that a physiotherapist is not just the typical masseuse with a professional title.  Physiotherapists and their treatments instigate treatments at the origin of pain so that they it will no longer lead to other problems such as headaches. And my last realization was headaches don’t solely involve the brain, it includes other body parts as well, so it’s important to be conscious of all our body movements and activities.

My Recovery – Thanks to Physiotherapy

Karl Sechrist   July 28, 2016   Comments Off on My Recovery – Thanks to Physiotherapy

PhysioEver since I was a child, I believed in the Carpe Diem mantra, thus I also believed that we should make the most out of our lives. However, there was a time when I strayed from this approach and perspective in life because I had serious back injury. I spent one entire season lying in hospital bed because of my condition and I always thought that life was over for me then and there.  It would be difficult to go back on my feet and do the things I loved the most, with so many restrictions and special needs. For a few months, I wallowed in my misery, until the first time I stepped into a physiotherapist’s clinic.

With the pessimistic attitude I had before, it was difficult for my friends and family to remedy my few incapacities and downhearted spirits. But when I was introduced to a physiotherapist, there was a sudden jolt of hope, thinking that I can get better. It was my mother who discovered all about physiotherapy when she came across the Australian Physiotherapy Association Facebook page

Before that, we never considered supplemental help, aside from what my doctors have told me. Thankfully, my mother was persistent and patient enough in looking for other ways to uplift and improve my situation. Curious about the treatment process and services, we visited Wyndham Physio and Association Facebook page, seeing that it has countless positive reviews and comments. Afterwards, we drove to its clinic to start the healing process as soon as possible.

Wyndham Physio and Rehabilitation focuses on movement sciences and activities to return and/or improve my locomotive struggles. And fortunately, I was fully recovered a few weeks of consistent therapy and rehab sessions and check-ups. This therapy was able to remove the pain and disabilities through their comprehensive program consisting of exercise, mobilisation, massage, and electrotherapy. This agenda was more effective because of state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, paired with professional and supportive physicians, therapists, and physiologists that they have. 

Those that I encountered here in Wyndham show sincerity listening, understanding, and taking care of the patients. What I appreciated the most was the one-on-one consultations that were scheduled regularly. Other than the doctors observing and guiding you closely, they really included me in the planning of my program. They showed that they valued my opinion, respected my preferences, and acknowledged my limitations. Somehow, we were able to establish a middle ground without compromising my health. Plus, they were also forthright, but not preachy, when they shared pieces of advice on how to handle my condition and the hints of depression it might bring. 

Other than this, I was able to see my progression as a patient as I was encouraged to do physical and wellness activities, at the same time, accept the restrictions and allow interventions. Initially, I thought that this health facility only addressed musculoskeletal problems, since most of its patients have similar and related complication as mine. Majority in this center had falls and fractures, likewise many are diagnosed with arthritis, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, and the like. But to my surprise, physiotherapy can provide treatment for other illnesses such as asthma, cerebral palsy, diabetes, dementia, and even cancer. This just shows that physiotherapy really is committed in improving both the health and lifestyle of the people. 

Wyndham is just one of the many notable and trustworthy medical centers that aim to improve a person’s life through active movement. It’s great that physiotherapy centers are available to the public. Before, they weren’t as recognized as today since most of the people were discouraged because they needed referrals and go signals from doctors. That is a misconception. A person doesn’t need to health practitioner’s referral to avail such treatments. This is also the reason why I wasn’t required by my doctors to seek for their help. 

One of the reasons why it also wasn’t and still isn’t, a popular choice amongst injured people is that they additional expenses to the hospital bills they had. I for one, had to shell out money to avail their services, but I am completely sure that it was worth every penny. If one wants to fasten the recovery process without having to spend much, he/she can locate the nearest public hospitals with physiotherapy clinics and programs. One can also choose to be an outpatient to reduce the fees. 

Overall, I had an affirmative and worthwhile experience while undergoing series of serious consultations and treatments. No doubt that going to a physiotherapist cut back on the time I should’ve spent in bed because of my physical afflictions. In the end, I realized that one should always be open to help and opportunities like these so that I can fully enjoy and prolong my life.

Getting Healthy and Staying Fit with Zumba Training

Karl Sechrist   June 3, 2016   Comments Off on Getting Healthy and Staying Fit with Zumba Training

ZumbaI am pretty sure you have already heard of the Zumba fitness program. In fact, I bet many of you have already been doing it for several years now. If you haven’t heard of Zumba yet, it is not yet too late to learn about it and start having the most exciting way to stay healthy and maintain physical fitness. Known among fitness buffs as the Zumba workout party, it is a very innovative and fun way of keeping fit.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am no Zumba expert. In fact, I only started doing the Zumba routine a couple of years ago when a friend of mine bought a fitness DVD. We simply followed the steps on the DVD and next thing you know we were already giggling at each other like the way we used to in high school. It was humiliating at first. I am no dancer. Yet the merengue, salsa, and cha-cha were more like hypnotic rhythms that allowed our hips to sway to the beat. It was actually very fun with all those hip-swivelling moves. In fact, I thought it was a really fun way to get your heart pumping. I also knew that I was burning more calories than I could have ever imagined because I have never seen myself sweat so profusely only after 45 minutes of the fitness DVD. Too bad, my friend and I only did it once a week.

Several weeks ago, I came across a Zumba class in the gym where my friends and I usually go. I asked my friend to accompany me to the class and since then we have been regulars. I simply cannot describe how much fun it as seeing different people of all sizes, shapes, backgrounds, and ages coming together and really swinging their bodies to the rhythm. It was simply a lot better than just doing the Zumba with my friend. Our instructress was so energetic and very inspiring that she has this innate talent of making you believe that you can dance to your heart’s content regardless of how big and heavy you are.

I also purchased a watch with built-in heart rate monitor and calorie counter function to keep me up to speed as to how well I am doing in terms of keeping me fit. There are times when I would hit 800 calories an hour; 400 calories at other times. I noticed that I was burning more calories every time I was more active on the dance floor. I am no scientist but I sure am proud that I am burning those calories while having fun, feeling good about myself, and meeting and interacting with different people from all walks of life. Now I know why they call it the Zumba party.

A lot of people consider Zumba training as an excellent way to keep physically fit. Physical fitness programs are generally anchored on raising your metabolic rate so that your body will become more efficient when it comes to the various physiologic processes it has to perform. Generally, when we exercise we use energy in the form of glucose. More importantly however, is the utilization of oxygen by the tissues. Sure, all cells will require glucose to fuel the different processes but oxygen is also needed by cells in many chemical reactions. If oxygen is not supplied, the cells of the body will have to source their needs from other molecules. This is why you have what are called aerobic and anaerobic metabolism which are metabolism in the presence of oxygen or the absence of oxygen, respectively. This is why if you strain too much, you feel out of breath and you can feel cramps in your leg muscles. These are all indications of metabolic processes occurring in the absence of oxygen.

Physical exercise gets your heart rate really fast and this helps in the more efficient delivery of oxygen to the different tissues. However, prolonged strenuous exercise can also have its negative effect. That is why you need to rest in between routines. Over time, the heart learns to compensate for the increased heart rate by increasing the force of contraction of the heart. This means that the heart can now slow down its rate of pumping because the more forceful contraction of the heart is enough to deliver oxygen to the rest of the body. This is why professional athletes have significantly lower heart rates and blood pressures after a certain physical exercise routine compared to non-athletes. They have fully adapted to the metabolic needs of their bodies. And this is how they maintain physical fitness.

Zumba training increases our heart rates helping our cardiovascular system to become more efficient in the delivery of oxygen to the rest of the body. The calories that we burn during those high intensity Zumba workouts can also help in losing weight. Since weight issues are implicated in a variety of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, then getting into a Zumba training program will bring in more benefits to your health.

I know what Zumba training can do to my life. I have already seen the changes in the way I look at life in general. I feel much more alive. Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it. You just have to give Zumba a try.

The Beauty of Having a Breakfast Bowl of Fruits, Seeds and Nuts

Karl Sechrist   February 18, 2016   Comments Off on The Beauty of Having a Breakfast Bowl of Fruits, Seeds and Nuts

healthy foodThe body needs to be fueled with sugar for it to run seamlessly. While having sweet treats seems to be a good idea as a source of energy, it does more bad than good to the body. But if you do love to have something sweet and tasty to start your day, a breakfast bowl that consists of fruits, seeds and nuts may be all that you need to satisfy your sweet cravings plus get all the needed energy that will last all day long.

Why a fruit bowl instead of the usual bacon, eggs and pancakes?

While the usual breakfast plate is as tempting as it should be, they are oftentimes unhealthy. Yes, they taste good and you can’t help but have some when you feel a little down. But it does not change the fact that the usual breakfast of oily stuff and a heaping serving of carbohydrates is plain unhealthy and will make you feel sluggish during the day.

According to, the body needs to be supplied with the right nutrients for it to be up and running to an optimum. It can be in a form of supplements or just by having healthy meals every single day. With a healthy bowl of fruits, seeds and nuts for breakfast, you give the body the right kind of fuel and ultimately gain a healthier body.

This kind of breakfast contains glucose, a simple form of sugar that is easy to digest. When it is in its rawest form, the body will find it easy to convert glucose into energy. There will be no need to waste energy in trying to convert this sugar into a usable fuel. The bonus part is that a fruit bowl contains less calories compared to other kinds of breakfast. If you are struggling to lose weight, a bowl will surely help you get to your target weight without going hungry nor feel tired.

Aside from being a source of energy, what good do fruits, seeds, and nuts for breakfast bring to the body?

The breakfast hours are said to be the detoxifying phase of the body. There are animal products that serve as anti- detox foods, but the body will spend energy in digesting them off. A healthy bowl of fruits plus a serving of seeds and nuts will help the body get rid of toxins without getting it overworked.

Fruits contain beneficial enzymes. So does nuts and seeds. And they also have fiber, which is needed for good digestion and promote better elimination. These enzymes and fiber stimulate the digestive tract in a good way. There will be an efficient production of digestive juices so those accumulated waste will be pushed out. Fiber will sweep the colon so that you feel light, refreshed, and energized.

To stay focused, the brain needs to have sugar. After resting the night off, the brain will demand for a sugar boost so it can work at its sharpest. Fruits, seeds, and nuts will ensure that the brain is supplied with much- needed glucose as soon as it wakes up from a night of fasting.

Breakfast is the best time to help boost the immune system. Fruits contain a healthy dose of vitamin C plus antioxidants. These nutrients help strengthen the immune system against bacteria and microbes that will try to invade the body. People who love to eat fruits, seeds, and nuts for breakfast are protected against these invaders that come the rest of the day.

When you find it difficult to satisfy hunger, a fruit bowl would help make you full because it is packed with fiber. The immense number of vitamins, minerals, and bulk of fiber will tell the brain that you are ready to turn off the hunger signal. Remember, a serving of fruit contains fewer calories so do not worry about eating too much.

Are you battling against a bloated belly? It may be because you are retaining too much sodium in the body. This will attract water molecules thus making you look bloated all the time. By having fruits for breakfast, excess sodium is flushed out because of the diuretic effect that fruits give. You urinate and eliminate sodium, so you don’t hold on to excess water.

Then there’s the heart. Lowering the cholesterol levels can be tough, especially when you choose to have a plate of fat- laden breakfast. But with a fruit bowl, the heart is nourished with vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. This will ensure lower bad cholesterol and a healthy blood pressure. This, in turn, will help against developing cardiovascular diseases.

These benefits show how great it is to start the day with a clean and light breakfast of fruits, seeds, and nuts. You will notice immediate healthy health transformations once you stick to this kind of breakfast.

Food intake plays an important role in our everyday lives. Thus, we must be very watchful of the food we eat every single meal. With proper nutrition, enough exercise and ample amount of sleep, we can truly achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Click here to read more articles such as this. Enrich your mind with health and wellness and topics and you will surely achieve the purpose of good health.  

Should You or Should You Not Have Your Moles Removed?

Karl Sechrist   December 23, 2015   Comments Off on Should You or Should You Not Have Your Moles Removed?

mole removalThe debate on whether to remove a mole or not has been going on for more than several decades. There are those who say that moles are natural parts of the skin simply because you are born with it. Some individuals think that moles need to be removed in order to have a flawless, near-perfect looking and truly beautiful skin. Still, others claim that moles need to be removed primarily for health reasons. With this variety of reasons, ordinary folks are really having a difficult time deciding whether to remove the mole or not.

First things first, you need to understand what moles really are.

The first three months of pregnancy is largely believed to be the most crucial time of the development of the embryo. It is that time of prenatal development when the different organs of the body are being formed. Organ development is crucial in this stage because any interruptions or changes in the normal embryonic developmental processes can have potentially fatal consequences as the foetus grows and is born as a baby. That is why there are such a cluster of diseases known as congenital diseases because of abnormalities present in the first three months of pregnancy.

Now, during the stage of organ development, some type of skin cells called melanocytes tend to clump together in one part of the skin. Normally, melanocytes would be evenly distributed throughout the developing body in order to provide an even and well-distributed body colour. You see, the melanocytes are the cells that give pigmentation to the skin. Why they clump together is still not understood. What is clear, however, is that the clumping of these melanocytes on certain parts of the skin gives rise to what is now called a mole.

As such, people who say that moles are natural parts of you are actually not wrong. What they fail to recognize however, is that studies now show that moles that you are born with may actually have a greater likelihood of turning into a type of skin cancer, a melanoma. While moles are not the direct cause of the cancer per se, owing to the fact that cancer is a multifactorial disease phenomenon, it is believed that its pathologic characteristics that have been evident right during the stage of embryonic development is one of the more compelling reasons why congenital moles have a naturally higher risk of melanoma development.

However, recent studies now show that moles are not only congenitally formed. There are a great number of individuals who develop moles because of other reasons. Majority of acquired moles are brought about by prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays. Some also develop moles during pregnancy as well as during certain health states that is characterized by an abnormal release of certain hormones. How these events lead to the development of moles is again a mystery to the scientific community. What is known is that individuals who are constantly exposed to ultraviolet radiation have a greater chance of developing moles than those who are generally in the shade. Scientists can only speculate that UV radiation can somehow act as a trigger for certain proteins in the body to stimulate melanocyte migration and clumping. Whether this is true or not, it does pay to heed the advice of experts to protect your skin and eyes whenever you are out in the sun.

Do moles that develop over time cancerous? While acquired moles are not conclusively shown to be directly related to an increased incidence of melanoma, the mere fact that prolonged UV exposure damages the skin and speeds up the aging process, this might account for the growing number of skin cancers seen today.

Should you or should you not have your moles removed?

If you are confident that your mole is not cancerous, just leave it be. If you are curious about its actual state, then your best bet is to have it surgically removed and have it examined in the lab for traces of cancerous nature. If you want to have your moles removed simply because they are an eyesore, go for laser treatments as they are simply perfect for smaller and generally flat moles.

For more information on how to best manage your moles you can logon to and check out if you can schedule a visit with them. The presence of moles in the body can be perceived as normal in nature however, when an abnormality is noticed, it is time to seek medical intervention. Before the conditions becomes serious, acquire mole removal from a specialist. When such abnormality is taken off the body, you will have the peace of mind that your skin is safe and in good condition. What’s important is that treatment is carried out by a doctor or a medical practitioner. Click here to read more interesting topics like this.

When Pilates Means More than Just Exercise

Karl Sechrist   September 18, 2015   Comments Off on When Pilates Means More than Just Exercise

clinical pilatesPilates has been around since the early parts of the 20th century and has since been growing in both acceptance as a physical exercise and utilization as a unique physical therapy regimen. What you may know as a series of stretching and yoga-like movements can actually form the basis of a therapeutic regimen for some of the musculoskeletal problems we now face.

You need to differentiate Pilates from Clinical Pilates

Both Pilates and Clinical Pilates employ the same principles of body movement, the achievement of body core stability, and the effective use of the lungs to breathe air more naturally. Both strives to achieve balance and control as well as strength and flexibility.

The only difference between the two is in the professional who gives the Pilates; an instructor for Pilates and a licensed, duly-certified Physiotherapist for Clinical Pilates. But does that it even count, you may ask.

Yes it does count; a fully-registered, duly-certified, and Clinical Pilates-licensed physical therapist has a deeper knowledge of the different functions of muscle groups as well as body physiology. This deeper understanding of how the body actually works is important in the design of exercise programs that are very specific to your individual condition. Physical therapists recognize the importance of maintaining the correct body posture as well as the use of the correct muscle groups to prevent undue muscle strain and injuries.

Is Clinical Pilates Right for You?

Since Clinical Pilates is the application of the principles of Pilates for therapeutic purposes performed by a licensed Physical Therapist, it is therefore more inclined towards the prevention and treatment of specific musculoskeletal problems as well as the promotion of a variety of health states.

  • For people with lower back problems such as frequent low back pain
  • For pregnant women who require their pelvic floor muscles to be strengthened
  • For individuals who suffer from chronic pain as a result of injuries to a muscle or group of muscles
  • For elderly persons who may require reconditioning of the joints to allow for greater range of motion as well as improved flexibility, and
  • For active individuals, be it athletes or not, who may want a boost in their performance

How can Physiotherapists and Clinical Pilates help you?

By closely working with you, the Clinical Pilates-certified Physical Therapist will devise a therapeutic exercise program that is custom-designed to meet your needs. Like the duly-certified professionals at Capital Physiotherapy in Melbourne, the therapeutic exercise programs are so individually designed that no two Clinical Pilates clients will have the same exact type of program.

This is important because every individual is unique. It is the physical therapist’s job to make sure that you will have the best exercise regimen just for you and with due consideration for your physiology as well as general characteristics.

Now, in a city as bustling as Melbourne, it comes as no surprise when more and more people visit duly-licensed Clinical Pilates Physiotherapy clinics because it simply is not merely an exercise but a healthy lifestyle.

Exactly How Do You Find the Right Clinical Pilates Physiotherapist for You?

For Melbourne residents, looking for the right physical therapist that is duly licensed to provide individually-programmed clinical Pilates exercise regimen is not that difficult. Nonetheless, to help you out, here are a few reminders you have to keep in mind.

  • Look for any proof that the clinic has a certified Physiotherapist duly licensed in the art and science of Clinical Pilates. This may come in the form of certifications and/or licenses displayed in the lobby of the clinic.
  • At the very least, the clinic physiotherapist should be a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association.
  • If the staff can show certification from the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute that is a lot better.
  • Ask for referral from your doctor; physiotherapists perform many therapeutic regimens which work well with medical treatment. Your doctor might know someone who can help you with your clinical Pilates needs.

With the many benefits of Clinical Pilates – from the results of both well-documented studies and personal experiences of those who have already tried – it is clear to see why many residents of Melbourne consider Clinical Pilates more as a lifestyle decision than it is a mere exercise program.

Why Dental Cleaning is a Necessity

Karl Sechrist   August 3, 2015   Comments Off on Why Dental Cleaning is a Necessity

Oral hygiene is something that we usually ignore especially when no pain or discomfort is felt. We ought to know that digestion starts from the mouth and this why we have to assume the responsibility of cleaning our teeth more often. Thankfully, there are plenty of products in the market today which are designed to promote good oral health, from a variety of toothbrushes to a wide range of mouthwashes. While brushing the teeth three times a day is essential, we still owe our teeth a thorough professional cleaning.

Comprehensive teeth cleaning or technically termed as dental prophylaxis is a cleaning procedure performed by a dentist to thoroughly clean the teeth from the gum lining to the outer layer of the teeth. Prophylaxis is an important dental treatment which stops the progression of the gingivitis and periodontal disease.

Why is teeth cleaning important? Here are the reasons:

Prevents Cavities

Plaque is the whitish film that builds up on the tooth enamel which is caused by the accumulation of acid deposits coming from various food products. When acid is left on the teeth for a prolonged period, it eats up the enamel which will eventually turn into cavity. Plaque can be removed through regular brushing, flossing and most importantly, through dental cleaning – prophylaxis.

Stops Tooth Loss

The progression of plaque buildup will definitely lead to gum disease which is the major cause of tooth loss in adults. When gum disease advances, plaque can  reach the inner portion of the tooth close to the roots where the supporting bone is located. When this part gets damaged due to plaque, the tooth loosens and would eventually fall out. Thankfully, the occurrence of this problem can be halted through dental intervention. It is for this reason that dentists recommend periodic prophylaxis. Tooth loss can totally be eliminated.

Freshens Your Breath

Poor oral hygiene is the leading cause of bad breath. Food remnants that are left inside the mouth and left uncleaned shall transform into plaque. These produce a very bad smell and that is why bad breath is exhibited. Bad breath becomes obvious when the mouth hasn’t been cleaned for a couple of hours. While regular brushing, flossing and gargling are effective in removing bad breath, prophylaxis is still recommended because there are plaques and germs that are left inside the gums which cannot be removed by regular brushing. Prophylaxis is the best way to keep the mouth healthy and odor-free.

Brightens Your Smile

Through prophylaxis, all types of dirt are taken off the teeth making them so clean and hygienic. The teeth become whiter and shinier. When oral health is excellent, you can confidently smile and communicate to everyone. You will have no fears or apprehensions when expressing yourself to other people. Having a clean oral cavity plus a bright smile offers a number of advantages in life such finding a job or attending a special social event.

Boosts Your Overall Health

Studies have proven that poor oral health can lead to a number of health problems. Generally, there is a connection between oral health and the entire human health. First, regular prophylaxis may help lower the risk of certain diseases such as stroke and heart disease. It is important to note that throat infection is due to the growth of bacteria inside the mouth as acquired from sweets and other food products. When left unattended, these can reach the valves leading to the heart. Second, there a number of medical conditions which can be detected during the early stages. These can be diagnosed during routine oral exams. A simple oral health issue can even can sometime be life-threatening and the only key is to practice good oral hygiene.

Saves Money

When you exert the effort of paying attention to your teeth, you are definitely saving money for the future. Prophylaxis is a preventive measure which inhibits the progression of any other disease in the oral cavity. Obviously, you don’t need to spend for costly procedures or treatments in the future. Besides, prophylaxis is an affordable procedure which takes at least twice a year to be carried out.

Taking care of your teeth is just a matter of responsibility. Never take this for granted and always comply to what your dentist has to say.

How to Find the Best Dentist to Perform Dental Implants

Karl Sechrist   June 9, 2015   Comments Off on How to Find the Best Dentist to Perform Dental Implants

If you have chosen dental implant as an option for your missing tooth problem, you are probably doing your research now on whose service to acquire. Finding the right dentist can somehow be a daunting task. But, when you are able to answer significant questions such as, what to look for; and which clinic provides the best service, then making a choice becomes a lot easier. Here’s is a breakdown of what you can do:

First of all, you have to determine what field of specialty is related to dental implants. In this case, you will have to search for a certified general dentists, an oral surgeon, prosthodontists or a periodontists. Any of the following professionals are highly trained and qualified to perform dental implants. Take note that there are types of dental implants that require the collaboration of more than one doctors. You can get the best recommendation by simply asking your current dentist. They know the industry very well therefore, you can trust their advice.

Asking from your family doctor or pharmacist can also be a reliable source of information. Remember, these medical practitioners too need to see a dentist at some point in life.

Another easy way to find a dentist is by word of mouth. Perhaps, you have relatives, friends and colleagues who have undergone dental implant procedure. Ask about their experience with their dentist and consider those with the most positive comments. Gather information such as the clinic’s reputation, cost of procedure and post-surgery treatment. You can also check the appearance of their dental implant yourself and make an assessment if the outcome is flawless and visually perfect.

Finally, you can do research by contacting your local dental association or organization. In here, you will surely find of roster of the best dental implants in your city who can provide the service excellently.

At this point, you already have a list of potential dentists to consult with. The next step therefore is to communicate. Spend some time for a consultation meeting and inquire about everything you want to know. Obtain pertinent information such as the following: years of experience, equipment and methodology, clientele satisfaction rate and the most important of all aspects – the costing. Dental implant is the most expensive option among all tooth replacement procedures, hence, you have to focus your attention on value and quality.

Once you’re done with all the ‘meet and greet’ itinerary and at the same time prepared for the budget, then it’s time to make a good pick.


Sham Healthcare: The Real History of Acupuncture

Karl Sechrist   February 3, 2015   Comments Off on Sham Healthcare: The Real History of Acupuncture


While acupuncture is widely accepted as a feasible system of health care, the available evidence demonstrates it does not have any effect in the slightest. An academic study was conducted at Technische University in Munich, Germany in the Department of Internal Medicine. Thirty four healthy volunteers got two laser acupuncture treatments at three acupuncture points LI4 (hegu), LU7 (lieque), and LR3 (taichong); once by a practical laser and once using an inactive laser in randomized sequence. The sole method of monitoring client reaction to acupuncture is known as the MGH Acupuncture Sensation Scale (MASS) and this process is just asking the customer how they felt from every acupuncture treatment. In this study, the treatment together with the inactive laser got the same favorable answer from all 34 participants, even individuals which have never had an acupuncture treatment before in their lives. If a laser that is certainly not even turned on generates the same favorable reaction as targeted, laser-precise pressure on the traditionally-used acupuncture sites of the body, this process cannot be considered a scientific method of accruing data that can be used to judge effectiveness. Just telling folks they’re getting acupuncture is sufficient to make them say it’s successful.

Professionals of acupuncture maintain this area of health care works by interrupting the stream of a force called “Qi” using pressure or needles. “Qi” has never been detected or quantified, so, no really scientific approach could ever have been created to demonstrate or even imply it exists. Belief in the existence of “Qi,” an unobservable, non-quantifiable force, is perpetuated by people who maintain it’s the mechanism by which acupuncture works and acupuncture is their main source of income. That interest would skews in favor of effectiveness any data interpreted using MASS by a person with a monetary interest in establishing their area of health care works.

Contrary to the popular idea that acupuncture as we all know it’s existed for “thousands of years,” it really has its origins in 18th century France. The Chinese did practice a variation of acupuncture but it didn’t contain any reference of “Qi” and had nothing in common with the modern practice except its use of a kind of needle. Archaeologists who found these needles in early Chinese sites reported the needles to be rather substantial (up to a foot long) and there were several skulls close to the needles with holes in them, indicating individuals had perished via this process. The modern systems we see now are rather distinct and were devised by French physicians who resurrected a Chinese custom that is obscure using considerably smaller needles that will not kill the patients. In addition they added their particular techniques, including an explanation for acupuncture’s success being a manipulation of “Qi.”