The Beauty of Having a Breakfast Bowl of Fruits, Seeds and Nuts

Karl Sechrist   February 18, 2016   Comments Off on The Beauty of Having a Breakfast Bowl of Fruits, Seeds and Nuts

healthy foodThe body needs to be fueled with sugar for it to run seamlessly. While having sweet treats seems to be a good idea as a source of energy, it does more bad than good to the body. But if you do love to have something sweet and tasty to start your day, a breakfast bowl that consists of fruits, seeds and nuts may be all that you need to satisfy your sweet cravings plus get all the needed energy that will last all day long.

Why a fruit bowl instead of the usual bacon, eggs and pancakes?

While the usual breakfast plate is as tempting as it should be, they are oftentimes unhealthy. Yes, they taste good and you can’t help but have some when you feel a little down. But it does not change the fact that the usual breakfast of oily stuff and a heaping serving of carbohydrates is plain unhealthy and will make you feel sluggish during the day.

According to, the body needs to be supplied with the right nutrients for it to be up and running to an optimum. It can be in a form of supplements or just by having healthy meals every single day. With a healthy bowl of fruits, seeds and nuts for breakfast, you give the body the right kind of fuel and ultimately gain a healthier body.

This kind of breakfast contains glucose, a simple form of sugar that is easy to digest. When it is in its rawest form, the body will find it easy to convert glucose into energy. There will be no need to waste energy in trying to convert this sugar into a usable fuel. The bonus part is that a fruit bowl contains less calories compared to other kinds of breakfast. If you are struggling to lose weight, a bowl will surely help you get to your target weight without going hungry nor feel tired.

Aside from being a source of energy, what good do fruits, seeds, and nuts for breakfast bring to the body?

The breakfast hours are said to be the detoxifying phase of the body. There are animal products that serve as anti- detox foods, but the body will spend energy in digesting them off. A healthy bowl of fruits plus a serving of seeds and nuts will help the body get rid of toxins without getting it overworked.

Fruits contain beneficial enzymes. So does nuts and seeds. And they also have fiber, which is needed for good digestion and promote better elimination. These enzymes and fiber stimulate the digestive tract in a good way. There will be an efficient production of digestive juices so those accumulated waste will be pushed out. Fiber will sweep the colon so that you feel light, refreshed, and energized.

To stay focused, the brain needs to have sugar. After resting the night off, the brain will demand for a sugar boost so it can work at its sharpest. Fruits, seeds, and nuts will ensure that the brain is supplied with much- needed glucose as soon as it wakes up from a night of fasting.

Breakfast is the best time to help boost the immune system. Fruits contain a healthy dose of vitamin C plus antioxidants. These nutrients help strengthen the immune system against bacteria and microbes that will try to invade the body. People who love to eat fruits, seeds, and nuts for breakfast are protected against these invaders that come the rest of the day.

When you find it difficult to satisfy hunger, a fruit bowl would help make you full because it is packed with fiber. The immense number of vitamins, minerals, and bulk of fiber will tell the brain that you are ready to turn off the hunger signal. Remember, a serving of fruit contains fewer calories so do not worry about eating too much.

Are you battling against a bloated belly? It may be because you are retaining too much sodium in the body. This will attract water molecules thus making you look bloated all the time. By having fruits for breakfast, excess sodium is flushed out because of the diuretic effect that fruits give. You urinate and eliminate sodium, so you don’t hold on to excess water.

Then there’s the heart. Lowering the cholesterol levels can be tough, especially when you choose to have a plate of fat- laden breakfast. But with a fruit bowl, the heart is nourished with vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. This will ensure lower bad cholesterol and a healthy blood pressure. This, in turn, will help against developing cardiovascular diseases.

These benefits show how great it is to start the day with a clean and light breakfast of fruits, seeds, and nuts. You will notice immediate healthy health transformations once you stick to this kind of breakfast.

Food intake plays an important role in our everyday lives. Thus, we must be very watchful of the food we eat every single meal. With proper nutrition, enough exercise and ample amount of sleep, we can truly achieve a healthy lifestyle.

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