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Should You or Should You Not Have Your Moles Removed?

Karl Sechrist   December 23, 2015   Comments Off on Should You or Should You Not Have Your Moles Removed?

mole removalThe debate on whether to remove a mole or not has been going on for more than several decades. There are those who say that moles are natural parts of the skin simply because you are born with it. Some individuals think that moles need to be removed in order to have a flawless, near-perfect looking and truly beautiful skin. Still, others claim that moles need to be removed primarily for health reasons. With this variety of reasons, ordinary folks are really having a difficult time deciding whether to remove the mole or not.

First things first, you need to understand what moles really are.

The first three months of pregnancy is largely believed to be the most crucial time of the development of the embryo. It is that time of prenatal development when the different organs of the body are being formed. Organ development is crucial in this stage because any interruptions or changes in the normal embryonic developmental processes can have potentially fatal consequences as the foetus grows and is born as a baby. That is why there are such a cluster of diseases known as congenital diseases because of abnormalities present in the first three months of pregnancy.

Now, during the stage of organ development, some type of skin cells called melanocytes tend to clump together in one part of the skin. Normally, melanocytes would be evenly distributed throughout the developing body in order to provide an even and well-distributed body colour. You see, the melanocytes are the cells that give pigmentation to the skin. Why they clump together is still not understood. What is clear, however, is that the clumping of these melanocytes on certain parts of the skin gives rise to what is now called a mole.

As such, people who say that moles are natural parts of you are actually not wrong. What they fail to recognize however, is that studies now show that moles that you are born with may actually have a greater likelihood of turning into a type of skin cancer, a melanoma. While moles are not the direct cause of the cancer per se, owing to the fact that cancer is a multifactorial disease phenomenon, it is believed that its pathologic characteristics that have been evident right during the stage of embryonic development is one of the more compelling reasons why congenital moles have a naturally higher risk of melanoma development.

However, recent studies now show that moles are not only congenitally formed. There are a great number of individuals who develop moles because of other reasons. Majority of acquired moles are brought about by prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays. Some also develop moles during pregnancy as well as during certain health states that is characterized by an abnormal release of certain hormones. How these events lead to the development of moles is again a mystery to the scientific community. What is known is that individuals who are constantly exposed to ultraviolet radiation have a greater chance of developing moles than those who are generally in the shade. Scientists can only speculate that UV radiation can somehow act as a trigger for certain proteins in the body to stimulate melanocyte migration and clumping. Whether this is true or not, it does pay to heed the advice of experts to protect your skin and eyes whenever you are out in the sun.

Do moles that develop over time cancerous? While acquired moles are not conclusively shown to be directly related to an increased incidence of melanoma, the mere fact that prolonged UV exposure damages the skin and speeds up the aging process, this might account for the growing number of skin cancers seen today.

Should you or should you not have your moles removed?

If you are confident that your mole is not cancerous, just leave it be. If you are curious about its actual state, then your best bet is to have it surgically removed and have it examined in the lab for traces of cancerous nature. If you want to have your moles removed simply because they are an eyesore, go for laser treatments as they are simply perfect for smaller and generally flat moles.

For more information on how to best manage your moles you can logon to and check out if you can schedule a visit with them. The presence of moles in the body can be perceived as normal in nature however, when an abnormality is noticed, it is time to seek medical intervention. Before the conditions becomes serious, acquire mole removal from a specialist. When such abnormality is taken off the body, you will have the peace of mind that your skin is safe and in good condition. What’s important is that treatment is carried out by a doctor or a medical practitioner. Click here to read more interesting topics like this.

Getting your Balayage and Other Hair Colouring Needs at a Hair Salon

Karl Sechrist   December 21, 2015   Comments Off on Getting your Balayage and Other Hair Colouring Needs at a Hair Salon

balayage dec 21The ever-increasing need to look naturally beautiful and vibrant has led a lot of individuals, particularly ladies, to really experiment with a lot of techniques. While many will consider skin rejuvenation treatments as well as muscle toning procedures, a great majority would rather go for the more subtle way of enhancing their natural features. One of the fastest and easiest ways of improving one’s self-esteem is by sporting a new hair look as often dictated by the latest in sets of hair colouring trend and innovation.

Today’s technology on hair treatment and enhancements led to the satisfaction of many women who fearlessly changed their hair colour from natural to various shades of brown and blonde. Gone are the days when hair colouring depended on the use of henna powder and liquid dye. Although these formats are still present today, chemical dye is also used to bring out new hair colours as desired by men and women. What’s more fascinating is that the use of colouring agents are applied on the hair in an innovative and artistic way so that a spectrum of colours can be noticed. The balayage technique is actually one of the many hair enhancements being enjoyed today. The results are explicitly fabulous.

The Balayage Phenomenon

While the technique of hair colouring is not entirely new, some would consider the application of just a few amounts of hair colouring agents on several sections of the hair, particularly the topmost cover, as something that is entirely new. And they could never be more wrong. The balayage phenomenon that is now hitting the fashion and hairstyling scene has been around for decades.

The balayage phenomenon has its roots in a quaint little Parisian hair salon in the 1970s where it stayed pretty much a strict French affair. This is perhaps because of the worldwide attention given to foil hair highlighting techniques at the time and well into the 80s. When Hollywood actresses and members of the movie and film red carpet industry had their hair done in Europe, the balayage method found its way into the shores of the Americas and the rest of the world. Thanks to these celebrities, the balayage that was born out of passion and dedication to style and natural beauty in France is now in the limelight of the world stage.

Now, many hair salons all over the world provide balayage hair highlighting services. And while the principles are essentially the same, many hair salons try to outdo one another by leveraging on the unique hair characteristics of their customers. Nonetheless, to become a balayage expert, you need to be properly trained for it and you need to have a keen eye for detail. A flair for creativity and imagination will also be helpful.

The Beauty of Balayage

The art of balayage hair colouring technique involves the enhancement of the natural beauty of your hair. There is no need for very loud colours and distracting highlights. The essence in balayage is that less is definitely more. The beauty of balayage is in its ability to provide you with hair that looks very natural and very relaxed especially when it highlights hair growth lines. Just look at the many celebrities and members of the social elite and you will see just what is meant by less is more.

Hair Salons and Balayage

You may think that you can highlight your hair yourself but, the quality of the outcome may not really be as fantastic as when you have the balayage performed by hair highlighting professionals. This is not to say that a do-it-yourself balayage cannot be done. It simply means that the application of the hair colouring agent will be best applied if the person doing it has unobstructed access to your hair. As such, for best balayage results, it is imperative that hair salon professionals do it for you.

Choosing the best balayage hair salon should not be difficult. You can always visit your favourite hair salon and ask them about their balayage services. Some hair salons also have their own websites which should make your search for the correct information a lot easier. For example, if you visit you will see that they do provide complimentary consultations so that you can better decide on what balayage look will suit your hair.

Another consideration should be the expertise of the balayage hair colouring professional. You have to determine if they are properly trained and have been doing it for how long already. Look at their past works or, better yet, ask someone who has already undergone balayage from the hair salon. An ordinary hair stylist can apply the hair colouring for that balayage look. However, he may not be able to provide you with the look that you desire. That is why it is always best to ask for someone who really has specialized in the art of balayage hair colouring.

It is, after all, your hair.