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My Recovery – Thanks to Physiotherapy

Karl Sechrist   July 28, 2016   Comments Off on My Recovery – Thanks to Physiotherapy

PhysioEver since I was a child, I believed in the Carpe Diem mantra, thus I also believed that we should make the most out of our lives. However, there was a time when I strayed from this approach and perspective in life because I had serious back injury. I spent one entire season lying in hospital bed because of my condition and I always thought that life was over for me then and there.  It would be difficult to go back on my feet and do the things I loved the most, with so many restrictions and special needs. For a few months, I wallowed in my misery, until the first time I stepped into a physiotherapist’s clinic.

With the pessimistic attitude I had before, it was difficult for my friends and family to remedy my few incapacities and downhearted spirits. But when I was introduced to a physiotherapist, there was a sudden jolt of hope, thinking that I can get better. It was my mother who discovered all about physiotherapy when she came across the Australian Physiotherapy Association Facebook page

Before that, we never considered supplemental help, aside from what my doctors have told me. Thankfully, my mother was persistent and patient enough in looking for other ways to uplift and improve my situation. Curious about the treatment process and services, we visited Wyndham Physio and Association Facebook page, seeing that it has countless positive reviews and comments. Afterwards, we drove to its clinic to start the healing process as soon as possible.

Wyndham Physio and Rehabilitation focuses on movement sciences and activities to return and/or improve my locomotive struggles. And fortunately, I was fully recovered a few weeks of consistent therapy and rehab sessions and check-ups. This therapy was able to remove the pain and disabilities through their comprehensive program consisting of exercise, mobilisation, massage, and electrotherapy. This agenda was more effective because of state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, paired with professional and supportive physicians, therapists, and physiologists that they have. 

Those that I encountered here in Wyndham show sincerity listening, understanding, and taking care of the patients. What I appreciated the most was the one-on-one consultations that were scheduled regularly. Other than the doctors observing and guiding you closely, they really included me in the planning of my program. They showed that they valued my opinion, respected my preferences, and acknowledged my limitations. Somehow, we were able to establish a middle ground without compromising my health. Plus, they were also forthright, but not preachy, when they shared pieces of advice on how to handle my condition and the hints of depression it might bring. 

Other than this, I was able to see my progression as a patient as I was encouraged to do physical and wellness activities, at the same time, accept the restrictions and allow interventions. Initially, I thought that this health facility only addressed musculoskeletal problems, since most of its patients have similar and related complication as mine. Majority in this center had falls and fractures, likewise many are diagnosed with arthritis, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, and the like. But to my surprise, physiotherapy can provide treatment for other illnesses such as asthma, cerebral palsy, diabetes, dementia, and even cancer. This just shows that physiotherapy really is committed in improving both the health and lifestyle of the people. 

Wyndham is just one of the many notable and trustworthy medical centers that aim to improve a person’s life through active movement. It’s great that physiotherapy centers are available to the public. Before, they weren’t as recognized as today since most of the people were discouraged because they needed referrals and go signals from doctors. That is a misconception. A person doesn’t need to health practitioner’s referral to avail such treatments. This is also the reason why I wasn’t required by my doctors to seek for their help. 

One of the reasons why it also wasn’t and still isn’t, a popular choice amongst injured people is that they additional expenses to the hospital bills they had. I for one, had to shell out money to avail their services, but I am completely sure that it was worth every penny. If one wants to fasten the recovery process without having to spend much, he/she can locate the nearest public hospitals with physiotherapy clinics and programs. One can also choose to be an outpatient to reduce the fees. 

Overall, I had an affirmative and worthwhile experience while undergoing series of serious consultations and treatments. No doubt that going to a physiotherapist cut back on the time I should’ve spent in bed because of my physical afflictions. In the end, I realized that one should always be open to help and opportunities like these so that I can fully enjoy and prolong my life.