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How I Chose an Apartment with a Superb Location in Melbourne

Karl Sechrist   May 17, 2016   Comments Off on How I Chose an Apartment with a Superb Location in Melbourne

Apartment with Good LocationWhen I landed a job at one of the world’s leading financial institutions with its Australian operations headquartered in Melbourne, I knew I simply had to look for a place to stay as I am originally from Adelaide. I was thinking of getting a townhouse in the suburban Melbourne area but decided against it. Instead, after carefully considering all of my options, I decided to take an apartment with a fantastic view of the city’s tree-lined boulevards and overlooking Port Phillip.

First, why did I decide against a townhouse or even a single detached house? For starters, I am living alone and I am just on my way to the peak of my career. And like any career-oriented woman of today I am not about to ruin that by having a family of my own, just yet. Of course, I will eventually, but not after I have established myself in my profession. Living in a townhouse will mean I have to clean it every single day and that I have to maintain the lawn and the backyard as well. I will also have to do some minor repair and maintenance which I clearly do not have in my busy life as a corporate woman. Besides, like I said, I am living alone in Melbourne so I don’t need to have a very big house where I will only be using the bedroom to sleep, the bathroom, and perhaps the living room during my days off. So, the townhouse is simply not practical for me.

The solution? An apartment. It’s posh and stylish and addresses all the issues that I have with townhouses. The apartment I eventually chose has an excellent view of the cityscape. At night, I could literally spend hours just sitting by my balcony and watch the nighttime stars compete with the flickering lights of the city’s landscape like one giant glittering blanket. Over the horizon is the sparkling waters of Port Phillip. There is nothing else I can ask for when it comes to such a wonderful scenery. This is perfect for easing my mind off work; sometimes, even a whole lot better than watching TV. I guess I have the guys at Chilli Realty to thank for in helping me find and choose this gem of a place.

My apartment also comes with all the amenities that any career woman needs. One of my parameters for choosing an apartment is the availability of modern amenities such as gym and fitness facilities, swimming pool, recreational areas, and even health and wellness facilities. Sure I do enjoy a run or jog in the park but with my very busy schedule, I can do that on the treadmill or even a stationary bike and will still achieve the same result. Best of all, I don’t have to be worried about getting mugged or freezing to death while taking a very early morning jog in the park. I can exercise anytime I want to. Besides, getting fit for the corporate environment is a necessity as the game can be quite challenging in the boardroom.

If there is one thing that I really like about living in an apartment that would be the convenience it brings to almost every other facet of my life. I mean I am now living in one of the most strategic locations in Melbourne with access to almost anywhere. Shopping malls, utility centers, public transportation centers, entertainment complexes, and even my office are within a few blocks from where I live. I don’t actually have to ride a taxi to work as I can just take a walk. If you have to choose an apartment or any property, too, you simply have to consider location.

One of the issues I had with townhouses is the repair and maintenance of the property. With my choice of apartment, I have to be very particular about this. I have to make sure that the contract that I have with the building management specifically covers repairs and maintenance of electrical and plumbing networks including my heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. The last thing I will ever need is to be confronted with a problem of sorts before going to or after coming from work. I will already be too stressed out to worry about these things and as such I would like the building management to take care of that.

I have been living in my Melbourne apartment for a good 4 years now, going on 5. So far, my choice of its location has been spot-on. And the guys at Chilli Realty did an amazing job in helping me land this gem of an apartment.

I hope you have learned some helpful information from my story. I am more than glad to share more in the future. Should you want to read more, just click here.